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About us

Train Up a Child NOLA” is a Non-Profit Organization created to promote Parent/Child relationships. We encourage parents to be more active in their children’s lives by providing events geared toward developing the parent/child bond. We want to develop a world in which children first look up to their parents before they look up to peers, celebrities, etc. We promote healthy living by providing funding for recreational programs, such as dance, cheer, football and basketball to disadvantaged youth in the Greater New Orleans area. We connect students with mentors through our  Big Sister/Brother Program. We reward scholarships to  local graduating high school seniors who are heading to college.




Louisiana is the State with the most people incarcerated. New Orleans is a city filled with brand new prisons and a Youth Study Center that is ready to open it's doors to our youth. Drugs and HIV are at an all time high in our city and our mission is to save our youth from falling victim to the system, to drugs, to disease, to crime, etc. It is our jobs to protect our children. 


If it takes a village to raise a child, we at "Train Up a Child NOLA" intend to be that village. We want to help assist parents with troubled youth. We want to work hand and hand with parents to help them build stronger relationships with their children and have stronger influence over them. 


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