Mentoring programs


Big Brother Mentoring Program

We have taken the approach of getting someone who's been there. Reformed convicts, Attorneys, Professional Athletes, Super Star Rappers, Men from our communities have stepped up and volunteered to assist us in our Big Brother Mentoring Program. Some well known names have joined us to make this program a success. 

Youth can go to these mentors when they are in trouble or when they just need encouragement. They also are there as a "go to" guide with daily issues in life. Our mentors inspire young men to be the best they can be, rejecting peer pressure and striving towards excellence.

Our Mentors also communicate consistently with Parents to ensure that there is no cracks along the road. Parents can consult and confide in our Mentors. Children can call them at anytime. 

Become A Mentor

We'd LOVE for YOU to join US! If you'd like to volunteer, click below!


Big Sister Mentoring Program 

Our Big Sister Program teaches young girls that we are more than our bodies. We encourage young women to strive to be the best in everything they do. We teach etiquette, college prep and business principles. 

Our Mentors are there to listen to the issues the youth might face as well as help them along the way. We teach our girls to be poise and productive. 

We are also there as a constant assistant to the Mothers. 


Other Mentoring Programs

Dance is LIFE! Our "Lyfe of Dance" program is giving children something to do. Teaching everything from tap to 2nd Line, our Dance Instructors keep the children involved. Training starts at ages 3 and Up.

Children who cannot afford to attend dance school are also welcome. We are the outlet that provides funding for underprivileged youth to be able to attend any program they choose. We assist those parents who may be in need. 

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