Our Programs


Scholarship Program

2020 left our graduates in limbo about when they would walk across the stage as well as how they would start off college. We wanted to do something special to assist those impaced by the COVID-19 pandemic. We implemented the "Adopt a Senior" scholarship program. This year, we were able to award scholarships to students in the New Orleans Public School System. 

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Become A Mentor

We'd LOVE for YOU to join US! If you'd like to volunteer, click below!


Big Sister Mentoring Program 

Our Big Sister Program teaches young girls that we are more than our bodies. We encourage young women to strive to be the best in everything they do. We teach etiquette, college prep and business principles. 

Our Mentors are there to listen to the issues the youth might face as well as help them along the way. We teach our girls to be poise and productive. 

We are also there as a constant assistant to the Mothers. 


College and Career Readiness Program

2022 has opened the door for opportunity and we're super excited about our college and career readiness program. This program not only prepares our students for college and careers, but offers them scholarships as well. In this program, our students learn business etiquette, resume building, interview techniques, networking and teambuilding skills. We also teach them how to dress business appropriate. 

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